A mysterious teaser site hinting at a new Fallout game emerged last week and has fuelled speculation that the game will be announced shortly. The site (“thesurvivor2299.com”) is owned by ZeniMax Media, the owners of the Fallout IP, and features a pretty large countdown timer that is set to end on December 11th.

The title of the site seems to be a blatant reference to the post-apocalyptic RPG, but the site itself does not feature any Bethesda or ZeniMax Media logos. Furthermore, several Reddit users have traced the site’s origin back to a relatively unknown Polish web developer which suggests that it may be entirely unrelated to the game.

However, shortly after the debate about the teaser site began it was discovered that Bethesda Softworks registered a trademark in Europe for Fallout 4 this week. The trademark covers a range of things including merchandising, clothing, and – most importantly – games. While this isn’t definitive evidence that the game is in production, it does seem odd that both the teaser site and the trademark would surface in the same week.

Interesting stuff for fans of the series to mull over – will December 11th bring a big Fallout-related announcement from Bethesda? Or is this just a red herring? Either way, any news of a possible next-gen Fallout release is surely good news.

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