Hey, you know what looks different on Xbox One? Achievements, that’s what. Love them or hate them, Achievements are back and looking rather fetching under the new, Windows based Xbox OS. On an Xbox One, when you go to view your Achievements (it’s alright to admit that you do that – this is a safe space) you’ll see screenshots from the game rather than those little icons that currently populate the Xbox 360 Achievement lists. I bet developers are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that they don’t need to design unique Achievement icons for every Achievement going forward.

Now, what’s not clear is whether or not the screenshots are predefined or if they’re actually snapped at the moment you unlock the Achievement. I really hope that the latter is the case, otherwise this “new feature” will forever feel like a missed opportunity on Microsoft’s behalf.

This all came via Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, who tweeted the image you see above. You can then scroll through the list and select whichever Achievement you want to review. Doing so blows up the image to full screen and provides you with the Achievement description as well as the date you managed to unlock it. PLEASE let that be a screenshot snapped at the moment the Achievement unlocked! If that’s the case, then I can see Achievement comparison Tumblr accounts becoming a thing.


Next-gen Achievement Whores, ASSEMBLE!

Via: Kotaku

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