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Coming November 26, Guild Wars 2 gets the long-awaited update to the Fractals of the Mists. The Fractals are a series of randomly-chosen mini-dungeons that get strung together and become more difficult the better you get at them.

Next week’s update makes good on Captain Ellen Kiel’s campaign promises to fund better Fractal research, so we’ll be getting three new fractals and a two new boss fractals. The new fractals are the Thaumanova Reactor, along with Living World dungeon remakes of the Molten Furnace and Aetherblade Retreat. The new boss fractals include the Aetherblade Captain Mai Trin or the two Molten Alliance champions (stompy and rocket).

Agony Resist is being changed – you’ll now be able to collect drops that combine to increase your Agony Resistance naturally. There will also be a Fractals leaderboard for those that want to brag about how deep they’ve gone, and progression is being changed with the difficulty curve from 1-30 being adjusted. Rewards are being improved, and new Runes and Sigils can be found.

The Tower of Nightmares and Nightmares Within updates will still be available next week, but things are starting to wrap up. The tower is collapsing, so best get in there and get your meta achievements done while you still can.

Check out the sweet trailer for this update below the break: