When Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall, creator of DayZ, descended to Reddit in response to their ardent pleas regarding the DayZ standalone to say yes, my brothers, deliverance is nigh like in a bit, there was still some grumbling. His stone tablets were analysed, his proclamations questioned, his technical savvy put to the sword.

‘Snippy’ would be how I’d describe the thread, and clearly Hall doesn’t do snippy – at least, when he’s on the receiving end. I suspect that might be partly the reason why he’s posted a new video featuring eight minutes of gameplay from the standalone DayZ pre-alpha, which sets up a horrific Groundhog Day post-apocalypse in which you kill the same woman over and over again under a sun gone supernova while protecting your golden compass.

With tiny doll stoves, axes that sound off bullet ricochets when hitting hard surfaces and god-awful God rays, the video isn’t the definition of polish. But it does show off some of the graphical enhancements, the new inventory system and – most importantly – a rather classy font for the UI.

Source: YouTube

Via: PC Gamer

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