Hey, Microtransactions! Fancy meeting you here wearing that lovely Gran Turismo 6 T-shirt.

Developer Polyphony Digital has lifted the lid on how microtransactions are being implemented in upcoming PlayStation 3 release, Gran Turismo 6. First off, in case anyone is wondering, the answer is yes – Gran Turismo 6 is a full-priced, AAA release that you’ll be paying around R700 for at retail. You’ll also, likely, be bombarded by offerings of DLC.

Gran Turismo 6 will use its own in-game credit system that you’ll need to pay real-world cash for. You’ll be able to purchase credits in specific denominations, which means that the cars you’ll be able to buy with your credits will never actually use them all up; those familiar with Xbox LIVE MS Points will know exactly how this works. You’ll be able to buy GT credits in “500K, 1 million, 2.5 million or 7 million credits” bundles. These will be available to purchase via the PlayStation Network or certain retailers.

While there is still no mention as to how much credits will cost, Polyphony did provide an example of what you’d be spending you credits on. You can see that in the image below.


The new microtransaction system is meant to provide players with “a new option for building your ultimate fantasy car collection”. It’s not essential to progress in the game, but it is being showcased as a means of speeding up that progress. Because video games are all about completing them in the shortest and easiest amount of time possible – even if that means you need to pay extra.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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