Pixel Boy greenlit and perhaps heading to Nintendo consoles

We’re a few days late with this one, but better late-and-with-juicy-gossip than never right?

Locally produced game Pixel Boy was included in Steam’s latest selection of Greenlight-approved games last week. Pixel Boy is an immensely fun top-down RPG with a hilarious narrator to boot, and deserves the monumental attention it’s been getting.

However, the juiciness of this news is complemented by a rumour that Pixel Boy might also be heading to one or multiple Nintendo consoles. Pixel Boy was at rAge this year as part of the home_coded stand of locally produced games. During the exhibition they were reportedly approached by a representative of Nintendo who expressed interest in bringing the game to Nintendo consoles.

I’ve heard from various sources that as a result of this initial conversation,  Giant Box Games are currently in negotiations with Nintendo to hammer out a deal. I’ve reached out to the developers for comment.

Pixel Boy would certainly find itself at home amongst the bright and cheery games we all know and expect from Nintendo, and such a deal would be another leap forward for the local development industry. I would be consummately content playing Pixel Boy on, say, a 3DS – so lets hope Nintendo shares my desire.

If you can’t wait for Pixel Boy to release on Steam and potentially Nintendo devices in early 2014 , then make sure to pre-order it through the Humble Store.

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