As reported in a previous article, Stephen “Ph4ntom” Cloete of No Damn Clan and Dimitri “Detrony” Hadjipaschali of Bravado Gaming will be heading to Sweden next week to compete in Dreamhack Winter 2013’s international Quake Live tournament. Full details on the seedings and groups for the tournament can be found after the jump.

The seeding of players initially sparked quite a debate as both Ph4ntom and Detrony were placed among the high seeds – something which several European players felt was unjustified given their lack of exposure to international tournaments. In particular, Polish player Mateusz “matr0x” Ozga and German Daniel “twister” Schulz were very vocal in their criticism and suggested that the South Africans should be amongst the lowest seeds. Flame wars aside, however, the seeding was generally accepted as effective and accurate.

In a remarkable twist of fate, both matr0x and twister were then drawn into Ph4ntom’s group for the tournament with the matches to come between these players already being billed as grudge matches. Ph4ntom was also drawn alongside iconic Quake players Anton “Cooller” Singov and Shane “rapha” Hendrixson in a tough but exciting group of players.

Detrony, on the other hand, was drawn into what has been labelled as “the Polish group” as he will have to face four Poles, including top player Maciej “av3k” Krzykowski. He can also expect tough matches against Sergey “evil” Orekhov and Szymon “STING” Ozga, but look for Detrony to absolutely destroy lowly Australian Beau Anthony “Aeol” Champ.

The full groups are below and a video of the funny group drawing procedure done by shoutcaster Xhavier “zoot” Dhorne can be found here. The video contains some interesting insights from zoot, a few European players, and the tournament organiser Robin “blaze” Hammaräng with their discussion on Ph4ntom and his potential chances in the tournament being very encouraging for any South African Quake fan.


Four players from each group advance to a 16-man playoff stage and both South Africans have a good chance of qualifying given that most of the strongest players are in group B which is somewhat of a “group of death”. The schedule for all of the matches will be announced this week, with the first games starting next Thursday morning, and details for live streaming will be announced shortly.


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