Apple has purchased Israel-based PrimeSense – the team responsible for researching and developing Microsoft’s original Kinect sensor. According to website All Things D and their sources, Apple forked out $360 million for the company.

Since PrimeSense worked on the first version of Kinect, they have been fine-tuning their camera technology; their current versions of the 3D, motion-sensing cameras are now much smaller than those found in the original Kinect. As All Things D points out, that’s a good fit for mobile technology. In the future, we might see iPhones shipping with built-in Kinect-like sensors – something that Samsung has tried in phones like the Galaxy S4 (spoiler: it doesn’t work too well).

If you’re wondering what this means for Microsoft, the answer is absolutely nothing. The current version of Kinect that ships with all Xbox One consoles was developed entirely in-house my Microsoft’s R&D teams. That being said, considering the history between these two companies, we’re taking bets as to when the first patent infringement lawsuits will kick off. Any takers? We’ve got R50 on middle of 2014.

Source: All Things D
Via: Polygon

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