Sweet mother of gaming it’s DECEMBER! Do you know what that means?! It really means absolutely nothing, to be totally truthful. But at the same time it means everything, because of all the nothing we plan to be doing very, very soon. It’s strange how so much nothing proves to be such an exciting prospect.

Anyway, in celebration of The Nothingpocalypse, we’ve gone and done a magazine that – if you let it – will be your faithful companion throughout all of the inevitable chaos of the festive season. Let us tell you what’s in it.

ThiefThief is in it. But it’s not Thief like your memories tell you Thief should be. It’s Thief with possibilities. And not possibilities in the way that “should I blackjack this guard in the face, or quietly sneak by and let him get through the night with one less concussion” presents a pair of possibilities. Instead, it’s got possibilities in the sense that it could possibly suck so hard that it makes our blissful memories of the series curl up in a quiet brain-corner somewhere and gently sob giant tears of pure sadness into a pillow made of broken dreams. Or it could possibly be the greatest thing ever. We had a chat with some of its developers to see if we could discern which way it’s more likely to swing, and based on everything they revealed about this upcoming reboot, we’re cautiously excited for its ambitious retooling of Garrett’s iconic master thievery.

Elsewhere, Richard Garriott’s returned from space just long enough to oversee the creation of  Ultima-loving RPG Shroud of the Avatar. We’ve stared at it for a bit, and put our thoughts to paper. Wii Fit U keeps insisting we get up and do stuff, and we keep insisting that we’ll shed those extra kilograms when we’re good and ready, thanks very much. WildStar hopes to swallow your monthly monies by cramming everything that you know and love into its MMORPG innards.

Our December issue’s packed with reviews. Locally made roguelike puzzler Desktop Dungeons is finally out in the wild! Puppeteer overwhelms us with its cheery charm. Call of Duty: Ghosts does the Call of Duty dance. Battlefield 4 brings the NAG office crumbling down around us with a misplaced rocket. Batman: Arkham Origins turns us into the Caped Crusader. Again. With added Christmas. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is pirating action and adventure done right. And in the midst of all this, Pokémon X/Y consumes so much of the world’s collective time that we’re surprised it’s still safely spinning.

Hardware is full of rigorous testing and furrowed brows as we take a look at notebooks, GPUs, motherboards, all-in-one PCs and more. The Nintendo 2DS grabs our attention with its rugged, kid-proof sensibilities. Rikomagic’s MK602 turns any TV into a smart TV. Somehow we found the time to visit MSI’s annual Master Overclocking Arena, where we got to see some of the world’s best overclockers turning expensive hardware to mush.

We also take a (slightly delayed) tour through our memories of rAge 2013. Join us as we reminisce on the wild times held within the 2013 edition of Africa’s premier gaming event. We hope to see you all there again next year! And speaking of prestigious gaming events, BlizzCon 2013 saw Blizzard strutting their stuff once again, giving eager Blizzard fans the chance to immerse themselves in a whirlwind of Blizzard-flavoured merriment. We’ll tell you all about it.

All of this, along with a healthy smattering of MORE can be found nestled in the pages of our December issue. Below you’ll spot that sexy Thief cover, as well as the full contents page. If you’re not quite so keen on paper, check out Zinio for our digital edition. And just in case you’re not yet feeling the festive spirit, have this:

Happy Holidays everybody!

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