Alexander Velicky made a Skyrim mod called Falskaar. It took him a whole year, which is exactly 364 days longer than the amount of time I’ve spent on pretty much anything. Kudos to that man! The mod added around 20 hours of gameplay to Skyrim. It featured an entirely new world to explore, new lore, new characters, new voice acting. It’s insane; you should check it out.

Velicky spent a year on the mod because for him the project doubled as a job application. He wanted to work for Bethesda, the company behind Skyrim. Instead, he’s landed a job with Bungie and will be working as an associate designer for Destiny.

In a heartfelt post on the Bethesda Forums, Velicky broke the news to the very active modding community. He thanked everyone for their support and encouragement, without which he feels he would not have landed the industry job anyway. Can you feel that? Those are called “feel good vibes” and they’re occasionally brought on by stories like this one. Just bask in the feels for a while; it’s alright, we’ll wait.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for his Falskaar mod below.

Source: Bethesda Forums
Via: Polygon

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