Sure, YoYo Games, why not just give away GameMaker: Studio Standard for gratis? It’s like you want just anyone to be able to start making games. You know what happens then? I’ll tell you what happens. Spelunky. Hotline Miami. Gunpoint. Accursed Risk of Rain, that’s what.

Gawds. It’s like you don’t respect us journalists’ time at all.

Seriously though, if you’re a budding game designer on a budget, you’ll want to head over to the YoYo Games website right now and grab the Standard edition of GameMaker: Studio for free. They’ve indicated it’s a limited time offer, so best be snappy about it. Download the GameMaker: Studio package, then after running it for the first time, select the beta or stable channel and perform any necessary updates. It’ll restart and if all has gone well, you’ll be presented with a screen looking like this.


Enter your email into the middle option, confirm it in the next window, and you’ll receive a licence key for the product. Be aware that the servers are under heavy load right now, so it might take a while to get your key.

And then you should be ready to obliterate what little remains of my free time. You’re welcome.

Source: GameMaker blog