“A major new next gen open world action game” is how a new Star Wars project is being described in a job listing for an animation director. The game is supposedly in development at EA Canada. Calls for a combat designer as well as an executive producer have also been posted in their job listings. This has all come to light thanks to the Internet’s resident Bothan spy, Superannuation. We can assume that he didn’t die to bring us this information. Also, it turns out that I use that reference a lot on NAG Online, but I don’t care and will continue to do so. SO SHUT UP, OK!

This new EA Canada Star Wars game might, Superannuation cautions, be the same game that is currently in production at Visceral Games (who, don’t forget, are now called EA Redwood Shores). This is because the EA Canada job listing for the animation director specifies that “multi-site development” experience is a must. What’s more, the job listing for the executive producer is very similar in wording to the executive producer listing that first appeared for the EA Redwood Shores Star Wars game.

Whether or not this EA Canada Star Wars game is the same game that is being developed with EA Redwood, doesn’t change the fact that OMG we might get an open world Star Wars game. Hopefully this will fill the gaping void in my heart brought about by the demise of Star Wars 1313.

Don’t forget that Electronic Arts holds the license to develop and publish Star Wars games for the next ten years.

Source: Kotaku

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