Yes, there is a beat-’em-up called Ultimate Gay Fighter


Have you had your fill of the stereotypes associated with the fighter genre? Undead warriors, military commandos and martial arts experts? Upcoming indie title Ultimate Gay Fighter by Handsome Woman Productions will appeal to stereotypes of another type altogether by bringing us a refreshing twist to the tried-and-true beat-’em-up formula.

Slated for a release in January of next year, the game will see the light of day on mobile devices, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Expect the camp level to go through the roof – directly inverse to the taste level – with characters such as “Emo Elmo” and “Bardwell the Bear” making appearances.

Although it seems ripe for setting off people’s sensibilities, it’s all meant to be taken in good fun: creator Michal Patrick claims that, although the idea started off as a joke, he began thinking that LGBT folks needed better representation in games.

Good taste and absurdity aside, it looks like exactly the sort of crazy game that would appeal to me, and I for one am eagerly anticipating its release. Keep up with the latest developments here.