26 Days of Giving: Day 4

Day. Four. On this day, Gammatek’s given us a pair of lovely prizes to offer one lucky winner.

Up for grabs is one Body Glove Energy Cube (which sounds like something you should definitely pay attention to) and a pair of  t-JAYS Three earphones. Here’s a copy-pasta of Gammatek’s description of the prizes:

Body Glove Energy Cube

Ensuring that your device last longer, the Body Glove Energy Cube provides instant power to extend your device battery life. Its cube design is super portable, it’s compatible with almost any device plus it mitigates issues such as over-charging and over-current. The Body Glove Energy Cube is available in neon colours such as pink, purple, green as well as black and red.

t-JAYS Three

Swedish manufacturer Jays’ t-JAYS three earphone has been specially developed to provide ultimate comfort whether you’re wearing it for just an hour a day or using them to enjoy your music all day long.
The series delivers consistently high-quality audio performance offering enhanced detail and a wide sound-stage; all from a surprisingly slim design.
The combination of t-JAYS angled sound tube and flat design makes them one of the most comfortable and ergonomically dynamic earphones on the market despite boasting a large and powerful 10mm speaker.
You can wear them in the standard earphone position or if you’re being more active, why not anchor them behind your ear. This, together with the option to split the cable from between 60cm and 130cm make them extremely versatile.

So yeah! If you’d like ’em, comment on this here post. Photos!