Guild Wars 2 – A Very Merry Wintersday

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Next week’s Guild Wars 2 update has been revealed. Being that time of year, it’s the return of Wintersday! Lion’s Arch transformers into a winter wonderland, and toymaker Tixx arrives to hand out goodies. The celebration lasts a full six weeks.


Toymaker Tixx’s workshop returns, a temporary zone that takes place inside his golem-shaped airship, with various events. The Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle is back too, challenging players to navigate up a dangerous multi-path environment. Bell Choir, the Guitar Hero-ish minigame for groups is also available once more. If you’re more into PvP, Snowball Mayhem lets you pick a class and participate in team fights.

The Toxic Alliance’s tower is still there if you need to finish up your Nightmare Within meta achivement.

Ascended Armor

Armorsmith, Leatherworker and Tailor crafting disciplines will raise to 500, allowing for the crafting of Ascended armour. Remember, this isn’t vital – the stat boost is very minimal – it’s more for people who like to have the newest, shiniest thing.

New Healing Skills

Every class is getting a new healing skill, though the details on this will only be officially released next week. In the meantime, here’s the datamined info, which is subject to change.

Balance Update

Next week brings the next much anticipated Balance Update, which makes big changes to every single class. You can read the full details of the changes here.