Two more local games get Greenlit

Even inherently evil Knights need time to stop and smell the roses sometimes.
Even inherently evil Knights need time to stop and smell the roses.

Woah, woah, WOAH!

South African game development seems to be snowballing recently. Quickly following word that locally produced Isometric Horror game STASIS will be funded on Kickstarter, comes the welcome news that it will also, alongside RuneStorm’s Rooks Keep, be heading onto Steam via its Greenlight system.

The massive marketing drive exerted by the STASIS team is identifiably responsible for its Greenlight success, with it reaching #4 on Greenlight’s top 100 games before being given the thumbs up. What’s more intriguing, however, is Rooks Keep’s green-lighting. The game (from the Viscera Cleanup Detail studio) has been in a bit of a state of limbo on Greenlight, having been on the system since October 2012. Things were looking grim for Rooks Keep when Viscera Cleanup Detail exploded onto the Internet, and it seems like VCD‘s success has worked in RuneStorm’s favour, leading to increased attention and a final, well-earned green-lighting for Rooks Keep.

Both games will be available on Steam mid-year 2014 sometime, with STASIS finishing up production and Rooks Keep fixing some connectivity issues and completing Steam orientated development.

Check out STASIS’ near finished Kickstarter and Rooks Keep’s trailer after the break (or just buy the game from their site right now):

P.S: Don’t forget about zX:Hyperblast, a local retro shooter that still needs your help on Greenlight!

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