Unity 3D game demo renamed, sold on iTunes for $1.99


This is the story of a man thwarted. A magnificent bastard.

Qi Hua LI had a dream for a game. A game of blood, and of wars, and heroes. But he decided that all this “coding” and “designing” and “GRAPHX” was just too time-consuming. How could he possibly hope to complete his magnum opus, Blood of War Hero, in the span of a single human life? But Qi Hua LI had a plan. He renamed the Unity 3D game demo, Angry Bots – a free, short, top-down shooter illustrating some of the basic functionality of the Unity engine – to Blood of War Hero, compiled it and simply stuck it up on the iTunes store for $1.99 with a descriptor image from Mass Effect. Close enough; Qi Hua LI had built it. Now, they would come.


Seriously though, the fact that a Unity demo can make it onto the iTunes store for sale illustrates Apple’s  increasingly ludicrous claims that their curating policies do anything to help developers or consumers alike. It does result in some hilarity, such as this one-star review by user “cdukes”, quoted verbatim below: “The game is in trial mode even though I paid for it? There are no instructions on gameplay, it just dumps you into a basic area. There are only 2 buttons for move and fire with a small button at the top right for pausing, etc.” You can see the page for the original game below:

bloodofwarhero_2Via: Twitter


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