Modding Skyrim: The Twelve Mods of Christmas


It’s that time of year and, because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like killing a dragon with candy-cane weapons, Skyrim is the perfect place to decorate.

1) Saturalia – Christmas in Skyrim by Deandra and Musicman247

‘Saturalia’  is not only the most lore-friendly of all the Christmas-themed mods, it’s the largest and has the most to offer. Every major city is decorated in a distinctive style and vendors selling specialized Saturalia food, drink, clothes and even a book about Saturalia can be found outside of Solitude, Whiterun and Windhelm. The people of Skyrim seem to be filled to brimming with holiday cheer and many will wear Saturalia hats or bring you gifts. Perhaps most impressively, carolers gather together in the major cities and sing lore-friendly songs.


While neither of the quests that come with this mod are particularly exciting, both are fully voiced and one even leads you to Santa’s workshop, where you can meet Santa and his “jolly little elves”.


2) A Christmas in Skyrim by Artica

This mod helps to fill the cities with a few more festive trees, but, more importantly, it places a Christmas tree in Breezehome. While there are several mods that add Christmas trees with presents to player houses, Saturalia – Christmas in Skyrim included, this mod in particular is my favourite simply because of one of the gifts: a miniature, ride-able horse.


Note: If you don’t want the Breezehome trees from Saturalia – Christmas in Skyrim and this mod to clash, you’ll need to choose Saturalia’s “Main file without decorated player homes”. This will prevent two trees in one spot, but it’ll also leave all other player houses bare of a tree.

3) Christmas Lanterns by MannyGT

A mod that places Christmas lanterns almost everywhere. With the decorations in the previous two mods, you don’t necessarily need these, but they sure are pretty.


4) Whiterun Christmas Overhaul by T3rRoR_SoLdi3R

Adds snow effects and a few more decorations to Whiterun. By now, your Whiterun should look like this:


5) Breezehome Xmas Tree and Lakeview Manor Xmas Tree by Echoman

Unfortunately, the Breezehome Xmas Tree clashes with both the Saturalia tree and the Christmas in Skyrim tree, but it does somewhat make up for this with one of its presents: a tiny working mannequin:


The presents found under the Lakeside tree, however, aren’t nearly as well thought out. A pity, as this seems to be the only Hearthfire-friendly Christmas mod available so far.


6) Christmas – Festive Weapons and Christmas – Festive Armor by kirkieball

A re-texture mod, this has the happy side effect of making even bandits look festive- at least those bandits who equip hunting bows, steel arrows, katanas, glass daggers and steel shields. The glass dagger and jester outfit files won’t work initially, but you can fix that by moving the glass dagger files to skyrim\Data\textures\weapons\glass and the jester files to skyrim\Data\textures\clothes\jester. I wouldn’t bother with the jester outfit, (it’s male only and there is a better option), but the steel shield makes the armor mod worth the download.


7) Christmas Elf Costume by Reelo2228

A mod that re-colours both the male and female jester outfits into something more appropriate for Christmas. This mod works fantastically well with:

8) Jesters by captainlhurgoyf

Which places a (now extremely festive) Jester in each Jarl’s court.


9) Merry Christmas! by Jerba

The quest found in this mod is underwhelming and unvoiced, but the rewards from this quest can be fun. My favourite is the candy cane weapon, (there’s something undeniably entertaining about beating someone to death with a candy cane):


Another reward is a spell to summon Rudolph, who lacks both a red nose and the ability to jump, but is immortal, so he (and you) won’t die even if you ride off a cliff, which can make riding him kinda like flying.


10) Summon Forest Mounts and Followers by gg77

If you’re less keen on an immortal mount, both the White Stag and the Spectral Stag mounts are perfect for any would-be Santa, as well as the combination of Rudolph and the Male Deer follower:


11) Santa Claus was coming to Town by Echoman

Of course, as Christmas followers go, nothing quite tops Santa. You’re in luck, as it turns out Santa’s own luck has taken a horrible turn and he’s about ready to get revenge on the dragons who set fire to his sleigh.


According to the mod description, he’s “Making a list, and taking no prisoners!” Santa is gifted at frost spells and is, of course, immortal – unlike his poor Reindeer.


12) Christmas Themed player home by 811tantan

No Breezehome? No Lakeside? No problem! The “Winter Cabin” is a simple little house, but quite a nice one. It’s also probably the only place where you’re going to find a jolly Christmas wreath decorating a dead animal’s head.


So there you have it. These 12 mods will help you turn Skyrim into a winter wonderland. Merry Saturalia…


And a happy new year.