PS4 launch events imminent in 3. 2. 1…


So the big day is finally here, and the PlayStation 4 is starting to crest the launch horizon. If you haven’t already pre-ordered, the likelihood of picking one up now is – shall we say – minimal.

However, if you want to join in the mania, there’s a couple of retail outlets that are having midnight events where there are no doubt a couple of easy marks you can mug eager gamers willing to share in their prosperity and foresight.

AnimeWorx will be holding launches at their Centurion and Bright Water Commons stores, opening from 10:30pm onwards.

BT Games have a list on their website which indicates which stores are holding launch events from 9:00pm onwards; if you’re a pre-orderer, be sure to check the conditions at the bottom of their page for more information.

I’ll be attending the AnimeWorx launch event and getting some impressions and info on-the-ground, so look forward to NAG’s report tomorrow!

But we almost forgot – for those eagerly awaiting the Xbox One launch, we now cut live to the local pre-launch festivities taking place:

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Sorry guys, I just had to. But since I’m not getting either console, I guess the joke’s on me!