Look! It’s a Steam Machine! In the wild!


Last week, on Friday the 13th of December, Valve sent out 300 Steam Machines to the lucky 300 who went to the effort of making themselves eligible to receive a beta unit. Some of the beta Steam Machines have already been delivered to their intended testers, and one of those testers (Corey Nelson) was kind enough to film an unboxing.

This is the first unboxing video that hit YouTube, but a couple more have since cropped up. There’s also a Steam Machine beta tester who is trying very hard to locate the other 299 testers. I’m not sure why exactly – maybe so they can all meet for a super-powered, 300 people simultaneous high-five or something.

After the jump you can check out Nelson unboxing his new toy. The odd looking but nonetheless intriguing controller is still in its beta form, which means no fancy touchscreen in the centre just yet. Browse around the rest of Nelson’s YouTube channel to watch a bunch more videos of his beta Steam Machine doing fancy things like booting up the Linux based Steam OS.