Indie showcase: Oozi


Platform games have, thankfully, gotten a bit more love over the past few years, especially on the PC. From Limbo to Braid, Super Meat Boy to Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, the pickings are certainly plentiful. Thing is, lots of these games are highly stylistic and gimmicky, dressing themselves up in an artistic statement and seeking to add new twists to the old side-scrolling formula. Enter Oozi: Earth Adventure, a classic-style platformer that aims to recreate the old 90’s run-n-jump template that lots of us grew up with.

Oozi stars an alien delivery boy stranded on Earth who has to find a way to return home. Along the way he finds pieces of his original space suit, which he lost upon crashing his ship on the planet, and these imbue him with new and enhanced abilities. Yeah, it’s not exactly Oscar-winning material, but who cares? It’s tight, old-school platforming at its finest. Levels are huge, secrets are aplenty and there’s always an enemy to kill or item to collect. It prides itself on being free of “puzzles and punishment” and sells itself on the raw, unbridled platforming experience that is its core.

It could hardly be called innovative: we’ve essentially seen and done it all before. None of the levels’ set pieces and ideas are new or revolutionary. What sets Oozi apart, however, is just how flawless the execution is; it’s sooo damned playable and charming that any platform aficionados will want to see it to the end after only some brief playtime. The graphics are cute, colourful, cartoony and hand-drawn, while the music is soothing and negates any potential frustration.


Do you want to run and jump like in the old days? PC gamers can check out the game on Steam, while Xbox folks can navigate over here to get their fix. What’s that, you say? You’re broke from the holiday season? Well, no fear: you can amuse yourself with the demo in the meantime, but only if you’re a PC person.

Trailer below.

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