Stick of Truth hilariously censored in Australia


Oh Australia, when will you grow up already? I realise the irony in that question considering the juvenile humour inherent in South Park, but this classification in the land down under is just silly. A while back they introduced an R18+ rating to Australia’s games classification system. That hasn’t stopped games from being refused classification however – Saints Row IV had to be edited because it was refused classification even on the new R18+ system. Sorry, adult Australians – you cannot be trusted to protect your own delicate sensitivities.

Now it’s Ubisoft and Obsidian’s turn to experience issues with the Australian Classification Board. South Park: The Stick of Truth was supposedly submitted three times, and repeatedly denied classification. The reason was due to an alien anal probing scene. Clearly the Australians don’t like alien anal probes. The ACB allegedly took offense because the scene depicted a South Park child being anal probed with a device that looks like a penis-shaped dildo.

In order for the game to get the green light in Australia, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with Ubisoft and developer Obsidian, have censored the scene. According to gaming website Player Attack, which got hold of the ACB’s documents for Stick of Truth, the scenes have been removed and replaced with text descriptions.

An excerpt from the report reads:

“At several stages throughout the level which involves the player character being abducted and taken aboard an alien spacecraft, text appears onscreen which describes instances of sexual violence. The text includes “aliens forcibly probe your rectum with a dildo-shaped probe”, “probe his ass with violent force” and “causing his anal probe to penetrate him over and over”.”

Player Attack has found out that the text descriptions of the scene are accompanied by a picture of a crying koala, with the message “Censored” written across it in big red letters. Yep, that sounds like something the South Park guys would do alright.

Note that it’s only the Australian edition of the game that’s been censored. The rest of the world is adult enough it seems.

Source: Player Attack
Via: Kotaku