NAG Magazine: January 2014 issue


Holidays have this weird habit of running away from you, distorting time and throwing around days like juggling balls. Of course, smart people plan in advance for this. Smart people would have written this weeks ago and scheduled this post to go online automatically on Monday already. It appears that I’m not a smart person.

Regardless, I’m here to tell you all about the January issue of NAG, which is on shelf right now! Its hot pink cover will scream at you from across the store, which we hope should alleviate the troubles some people have finding it. I could’ve sworn that the idea of doing a pink cover started as a joke, but then we all sort of liked it and before we could change our minds the ink was ordered and things at the printing press were underway. It’s probably for the best.

Inside this lovely pink magazine is a ton of useful information about the recently released PS4 including launch titles, hardware, the fancy new interface, the wonderfully comfortable Dualshock 4 controller, and all sorts of bits and pieces.

We also give you a bit of an education with two mini features – the history of everyone’s favourite moustached mushroom-stomping plumber, and a look at some of the history and future of the beloved Homeworld series.

Then there are games! We get down with LEGO Marvel Superheroes, XCOM: Enemy Within, Need for Speed: Rivals, Super Mario 3D World and more.

On the hardware side we take a look at two new super-fast hard drives from WD, we examine the powerful GIGABYTE GV-N78TGHZ-3GD and new G1.Sniper X87, as well as the ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition. We also get hands-on with the SteelSeries Siberia Elite, the Tritton Kunai and the Cooler Master Nepton 280L.

There’s so much packed into this latest issue of NAG, so be sure to pick up your copy today!


Click here for the contents PDF [136KB]