Iconic video game box artist Greg Martin passes away


Video game box artist Greg Martin, known for his work on numerous classic games throughout the 1990s, passed away last week. Martin’s artwork gave a unique visual style to memorable titles such as Pac-Man, Sonic the HedgehogLandstalker and more. The news was reported by a close friend of Martin’s on Nintendo Age in a moving tribute and a selection of Martin’s finest work is now being posted as gamers pay homage to his efforts.

An excerpt of the tribute reads: “Greg was the rare person who both worked in and was a fan of the work of others in his industry. I don’t think he ever lost that sense of wonder he had as a teenager for really great artwork, and he was a collector himself of artwork, movies, art books, and other things. He was a huge fan of Frank Frazetta, Gil Elvgren, Hal Foster, and dozens if not hundreds of other artists.”


Martin’s friend, Nintendo Age user “Bronty”, also described the start of the artist’s career which began at Hanna-Barbera where he worked on projects related to the Flintstones, Jetsons and Yogi Bear. This propelled him into the gaming industry and in time he was designing artwork for some of Nintendo and SEGA’s most prominent titles. Later on in his career he also worked on movie posters and enjoyed painting plein air landscapes.

Given the gaming industry’s inevitable march towards a purely digital format, box artwork and printed advertising design are gradually becoming less and less significant to publishers. However, we can still enjoy and celebrate the skill and talent of one of the field’s best artists. Check out more of Martin’s box art below.