Steelseries reveals the Sensei Wireless mouse

Steelseries Sensei Wireless header 800x450

Steelseries has been a busybody with its peripheral lineup, launching the Rival gaming mouse at rAge 2013 and working on getting serious about its mechanical keyboard offerings and the Sensei mouse lineup (of which I own one). This week at CES 2013 company released another new peripherals onto the scene – the long-awaited Sensei Wireless mouse.

The Sensei Wireless is an odd release because I expected a mouse like this to have come out ages ago to counter the likes of Logitech, Razer, Saitek and Gigabyte, all of whom produce high-end wireless mice at various price points. Well, it’s here now and that’s what counts, right? The Sensei Wireless is basically a heavier version of the cabled Sensei. It has the same high-grade laser sensor, the same switches and button layout, it’s still ambidextrous and retains the 16.7-million-colour LED backlit logo, which is configured through the Steelseries Engine software.

Steelseries appears to be pretty confident about the Sensei Wireless’ lifespan, citing the same 30 million click durability as the cabled Sensei. Battery life is still another issue but it won’t be too troublesome, as Steelseries also has designed a charging base for the mouse to sit on, which also has its own configurable LED lights, along with a battery indicator. The company says that gamers can expect 16 hours of non-stop gameplay, stretching up to 20 hours for a regular day.


Steelseries says that the Sensei Wireless will be available starting from March 2014 and already has a price for the US – $159.99 (approx. R1700), which would put it right in the same price range as the Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 9 and the Razer Ouroboros (reviewed in NAG’s February 2013 issue).

Now guys, let’s be more serious… where’s my wireless mechanical keyboard?


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