Alien: Isolation revealed – trailer and dev diary

Sega and Creative Assembly have officially unveiled
Alien: Isolation. A lot of the rumoured details have obviously been confirmed, but a trailer and developer diary provide in-game footage and gameplay in addition to more information. Fans of the original Ridley Scott sci-fi horror, Alien, will likely be very excited by what has just been unveiled.

Players will indeed be taking on the role of Amanda Ripley – Ellen Ripley’s daughter. At the end of the first film, The Nostromo vessel self-destructed moments after Ellen Ripley escaped. Fifteen years later, Amanda goes out in search of what happened to her mother. This eventually leads her into an encounter with one of the Xenomorph aliens.

This is not a first-person shooter; this is a first-person horror survival game, so don’t think along the lines of previous Alien vs Predator games, but rather think Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Alien: Isolation’s lead designer, Clive Lindop, sums up his team’s vision rather succinctly: “When we first looked at previous Alien games they seemed to do a disservice to the film by making the alien less of the focus. They all metamorphosized into action adventures; but, Alien is classic horror survival. The film is the template of horror survival.”alien_isolation_amanda_reveal

The 1979 film is also providing much of the template for the game’s visuals and sound. Creative Assembly had access to 20th Century Fox’s archives, which allowed them access to footage and stills that haven’t been seen by anyone in over 30 years. They also got hold of the original score (arguably one of the most iconic parts of the Alien films) and have utilised it in the game. The result is a game world that looks and feels more like the original film than any of the previous Alien games could have ever hoped for. The low fidelity, chunky technology from the 1979 film is everywhere in Alien: Isolation. Take a look in the trailer below.

Alien: Isolation will be out towards the end of 2014. It’ll be heading to PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Check out the first developer diary below.

Source: Polygon
UPDATE: we’ve updated this post to correct the fact that we omitted two of the platforms that the game will release on.