Broforce alpha received 800,000 views in 2013

Free Lives Icon

The Free Lives studio icon has never been more appropriate. *Bro Five*

After a stellar year for the Free Lives studio – with Broforce being Greenlit and the game being invited to show at A MAZE Berlin and Minecon – it was revealed via a Facebook post by one of its employees that the free alpha of Broforce accrued 800,000 unique viewers in 2013.

This is an incredible number of players for a small, unknown indie studio – Broforce will be their first released product – and it bodes well for the final release of the game. Even if less than 10% of that number end up buying the game, that’s still around 80,000 unit sales at $10 each for Free Lives. That number feels optimistic, but might even be conservative if one considers that Broforce’s alpha is a barebones version of how the game currently plays, never mind how the final version might be. I mean, the alpha doesn’t even include ride-able pigs or a Bro Fort – and that’s not even really a game is it?

What thousands of French people screaming "Take my money!" looks like.
What thousands of French people screaming “Take my money!” looks like.

Interestingly, around 45% of the 800,000 views were French, which, if you’re making a game satirising American bravado, is probably a good sign.

You can expect Broforce in mid-to-late 2014 and can pre-order it now for $10.

You can also play the free alpha here.