Man proposes to his girlfriend by creating a video game


“I wanted her to see all the spikes I would jump over for her :P” is one of the reasons Robert Fink gives for the memorable way in which he proposed to his girlfriend, Angel White. The game, a simple pixelated adventure which Fink and two friends created together, is aptly titled Knight Man: A Quest for Love and can be played here. Watch the reaction video after the jump (spoiler alert – she says yes.)

Fink works as a 3D artist for game company SuperGenius whilst White works in web development, and both partners share a passion for gaming. In the game, the armoured protagonist makes his way through various areas in an attempt to assemble a ring. He then presents this ring to the game’s princess, a character inspired by Fink’s girlfriend. Needless to say the game is a very simple and short experience, but one can only applaud Fink for the truly original and special way in which he chose to make his proposal.