You need to watch this tech demo right NOW


Pillow Castle Games is an indie team based in Pittsburgh. Well, they’re also a bunch of students at the bizarrely named Carnegie Mellon University. That place must have the greatest fruit mascot ever.

Anyway, the startlingly clever crew that make up Pillow Castle Games has developed a proof of concept for a first person puzzle game. It doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest they just call it OMG My Brain is Trickling Out My Ears – a first-person puzzle game based on Forced Perspective. You could probably make a catchy acronym for that title. If the people from Pillow Castle ever end up reading this, I’ll accept payments in Jelly Babies for my contribution in naming your game.

Hit the jump to be instantly reminded of that feeling you had when you first watched a Portal trailer. Then multiply that feeling by a gajillion.

Pretty clever, right? The entire gameplay mechanic is based off Forced Perspective, which is that neat camera trick that makes objects in the distance look like they’re actually in the foreground of a picture. You know those cheesy photographs you see of your friends on Facebook holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Yeah, that’s Forced Perspective.

No word on whether this will turn into a game, but judging by the hugely enthusiastic response this video has received, you can bet this will become a thing you can play some time in the future. I am excited – and possibly afraid that my stunted brain juice won’t allow me to get very far with it.