Broken Age beta breaks for backers this week


Broken Age, Double Fine’s much talked about upcoming point-and-click adventure, will be available from Tuesday this week for backers via Steam in beta form. The first in a two-part series, a public release date is expected to be announced on the same day.

Broken Age is, in many ways, an incredibly important title: not only for point-and-click adventure enthusiasts but the industry as a whole. It propelled Kickstarter into the public consciousness, helping pave the way for now several multi-million dollar game projects. Their private interaction with their fans has proven incredibly satisfying for backers and a sometimes challenging hurdle for the press to come to grips with.

Broken Age is a promise from a legendary designer two years in the making, and releasing a beta is a potentially risky move considering the expectations riding on it. Unlike something like Planetary Annihilation or Wasteland 2, which can stand up to repeated playthroughs, you really only get one chance with an adventure game.

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