Xbox Support Twitter account hacked by… Syria?


Remember a while back when NAG Online went down thanks to hackers? In place of gaming news there was a tidal wave of Syrian political propaganda based on the current instability the country is experiencing. The Syrian Electronic Army is the hacktivist group behind things like this, and over the weekend they took the fight to Microsoft.

More specifically, they took the fight to Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account, gaining access and sending out a couple of Tweets. They were up for roughly an hour before Microsoft regained control and deleted the Tweets. In addition to the Xbox Support account, the Microsoft News Twitter account was also hacked by the SEA. They posted the image you see above.


Why did the SEA decide to target Microsoft? The group believes that Microsoft is monitoring user emails and selling the information to governments. Email services like Hotmail and Outlook were mentioned by the SEA, and they used the Microsoft News Twitter account to retweet the accusation of email monitoring to the account’s more than half a million followers. The SEA believes that they have proof of Microsoft’s email monitoring, and they are planning to release that information shortly. “Microsoft is not our enemy,” an SEA representative said, “but what they are doing affected the SEA.”

Source: Mashable
Via: Polygon

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