Guild Wars 2: Origins of Madness Revealed


Coming next week Tuesday, the first Guild Wars 2 Living World update for the year, and the first in a four-part season finale. Players will once again go up against Scarlet Briar, who’s motivations remain a mystery. As you can see in the teaser video after the jump, there’s a giant Twisted Marionette to take down – a gigantic weapon of mass destruction – and a Great Jungle Wurm is terrorizing Bloodtide Coast.

Game Director Colin Johanson has reiterated that the living world is new territory; ArenaNet has been steadily learning what works (and what doesn’t), smoothing out the implementation. The living world and expansion-style content are not mutually exclusive, and that although players may perceive the studio as concentrating on living world content in lieu of expansion content, there are teams working behind the scenes on other projects.