Oh look, SimCity is getting an offline mode

SimCity Panoramic_656x369

Remember when SimCity launched and the EA servers exploded and people were angry and others were sad and more others started fiddling with code and saw that the game could be played offline and Maxis kept regurgitating the same PR drivel about it being impossible for the game not to be online? Man, remember all of that? It was the worst. Well, it turns out (and you might want to sit down for this) that SimCity actually CAN be played offline – shocking, I know. Maxis and Electronic Arts have finally decided to implement an offline mode in an upcoming patch.

Announced via a blog post, the GM of Maxis’s Emeryville studio, Patrick Buechner, revealed that a completely offline, single-player mode will be hitting SimCity with update 10. Apparently, update 10 is in the “late phases of wrapping up its development” so we can expect this patch sometime soon. Of course, those of you who want to remain online to access things like leaderboards and the Global Market can do so – those aren’t going anywhere.

So then, thoughts? Is this too late, or have you been holding out on buying the game in the hopes that EA and Maxis would announce an offline mode? Let us know in the comments.

Source: SimCity Blog