The Forest devs talk about thinking enemies and endings


The Forest! Remember this game? Of course you do – this is the game that made many of us utter an audible squee in unison. When we last heard about the game (back in November last year) we only had two trailers to go on. Now, however, the lovely geeks at Eurogamer have had a chance to talk to the game’s developers, who are now known as Endnight Games and not SKS Games any longer.

While there isn’t a lot of new information, The Forest’s creative director Ben Falcone has divulged some interesting bits and bobs that certainly help to paint a better picture. The premise remains unchanged: you’re the single survivor of a plane crash in this mysterious forest. You’re given no objectives or guidance, but you simply need to survive.

“It sometimes feels like work playing a game where you have a backlog of missions you have to do, constantly being bothered by NPCs,” Falcone told Eurogamer, “we wanted to create a world where we could drop the player into and give them free range to do whatever they want, similar to something like Minecraft where a lot of the fun comes from decisions that you make. We wanted to capture that but do it in a world that looked realistic.”

Sticking with the Minecraft similarities, The Forest isn’t going to have any obvious plot or endgame that players work towards. Endnight Games says that there will be an ending, but much like Minecraft’s, it won’t be the main focus of the game. If players search the environments enough and spend the time it takes to unravel mysteries, then they might figure out how to actually finish the game.

From the sounds of things you’ll be able to gain skill levels and craft equipment in order to progress. In fact, Falcone mentions that players might spot a landmark in the distance that will remain inaccessible until specific skills are upgraded and necessary equipment is acquired.


As for the game’s mutant cannibals that can be seen in both of the trailers (if you missed those you can find them here) they’re “not all bad, even if they are trying to eat you”. Here Endnight Games points to film influences like I Am Legend and Cannibal Holocaust. Sometimes these cannibals will simply stalk you to ensure you don’t wonder into their territory; other times they may flee if you kill one of them; and sometimes one might drop to its knees crying over the body of another that you just killed. You’re in their forest, chopping down their trees and causing all sorts of changes – it’s no wonder they want to eat you.

The Forest remains a PC exclusive with Oculus Rift support. It’s been Greenlit on Steam and a beta is expected in the coming months.

Source: Eurogamer