WIN: A limited edition Batman: Arkham Origins poster


If you find yourself randomly proclaiming that when you’re in the shower / riding the bus / building sandcastles / right in the middle of giving your significant other a loving kiss, please do pay attention – because this competition is perfect for you.

Courtesy of the fancy bunch o’ peoples that comprise Ster Kinekor, we’ve been given two limited edition Batman: Arkham Origins posters. Each of them is signed by VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, including Batman himself. That last part is just incredibly untrue, but even minus Actual Batman this competition remains full of win. Instead, the A3 poster is signed (as is being done in the photo below) by some of the fine folks who had a hand in developing the third Arkham game. Only 200 of these posters exist in the world, so they’ve definitely earned their limited edition status. If you’re keen to see what it looks like, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Here’s a list of the people whose signatures will forever inhabit your flashy new Arkham Origins swag, along with their role in developing the game:

Ben Mattes – senior producer
Eric Holmes – creative director
Mike McIntyre – gameplay director
Jeremy Price – art director
Guillaume Voghel – world team producer
Benoit Richer – game director
Stefan Leblanc – cinematics director
Alice Bernier – audio director
Dooma Wendshuh – narrative director

Also included in the prize is an actual Batcave, which RedTide will come out to your house and personally install for you! Again, this is horribly untrue, and I apologise for misleading you in such ways. Still, sexy posters!

If you want the opportunity to win one of ’em, leave a comment below.

Please note that this competition is open only to South African residents.