5 Games I’m Excited to Play in 2014 (What are yours?)

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2014 looms ahead of us, bright and beautiful, and the promise of new, exciting games has managed to beat my cynicism into submission – at least momentarily. Thus instead of getting angry this week, I’ve decided to share with you five of the games I’m looking forward to getting my hands on over the next 12 months (complete with trailers!). Read to the end, then tell me why I’m wrong and share your own list in the comments.

Alien: Isolation

I’m pretty excited for this one because all the other Alien games have been, well, kind of awful. Perhaps I just have the bad taste in my mouth left by the poop-sandwich that was Colonial Marines, but I don’t think so.

I have fond memories of the Alien vs. Predator games of my childhood, but after that has been a long succession of mediocrity.

This one actually looks pretty damned cool. They’re going back to the roots of the franchise with a creepy, survival horror feel rather than mindless shooting, with more stealth elements and gameplay which makes me feel like I’m going to be uncomfortable playing this after sunset.

To be fair, survival horror is very much the flavour of the year, but I’m hoping this game manages to set itself apart with a tight storyline and a much needed change to a stale series.

Child of Light

Now this is an interesting one. In the last couple of years I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some fantastic indie platformers, often with RPG elements in games such as Trine and it’s excellent sequel.

Child of Light appears to be one such game, with platform gameplay, RPG-style progression and turn-based combat. What gets me all hot under the collar about this one is it comes to us from the same team who developed Far Cry 3.

With the full weight of Ubisoft behind it, I feel like this could be something special; and such a mainstream classic platformer can only be good for the genre.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

I’ve been in love with this game ever since the 2013 rAge expo, where I got a chance to have one-on-one time with one of the fine folks at Megarom who talked me through a lengthy demo.

Humour aside (of which there is a lot, most of it great), underneath the TV-tie-in exterior lies a genuinely good RPG.

The turn-based combat system was clever and fun, the skills and levelling systems had enough intricacies to satisfy hardcore RPG fans and the story, seemingly shallow as it may be, was written by the actual South Park writers, which lends a lot to its credibility.

This isn’t some rushed out cash-in like whatever the last Spider-man game was, it’s an actual good, yet quirky RPG experience. I think a lot of you might be pleasantly surprised by how much depth this game has.

Telltale’s Game of Thrones

I love the books, I love the series, and I love all of Telltale’s excellent, story-driven games. What can go wrong?

A Game of Thrones game is an intimidating undertaking, with complex characters, an intricate plot and an expansive world. We’ve already had that one awful attempt I’d prefer not to talk about; more of a shameless hype cash-in than an actual game.

Telltale’s episodic games, on the other hand, have all delivered, and I’m excited to have this franchise handled by such a capable studio.

The Evil Within

I’m a huge horror fan, and it’s pretty hard not to get all tingly in my special places over the Resident Evil creator emerging from his money-cave to create a brand new IP.

Shinji Mikami’s debut title for his new studio, Tango Gameworks, features a police detective who finds himself placed in a world full of various horrific things after all his colleagues are murdered.

Mikami promises a decent amount of action and story to go along with your pants-wetting terror. Nice.

P.S. Did you really think My Little Pony was going to be here? You should know better than to trust my header images by now.