Project Nimbus promises high-flying mecha action


Variable fighter. Battle frame. Gundam. “Real robot“. Strike Suit Infinity.

If any of the terms above ring pleasant bells, you might want to check out Project Nimbus, currently in the last stages of its Kickstarter and already successfully funded. Styling itself as a “high speed mech action game” set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where man has moved to the skies, the project page doesn’t immediately inspire confidence – what with its pseudo-English descriptions and the quirky backgrounds of the designers (“Rattapoom K has a background with armoured vehicle, selling medicine for erectile dysfunction and teaching TESOL course.”). Similarly, their previous game Hypersonic 4 didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

The Project Nimbus game videos, however, speak a universal language for anyone with a penchant for giant, flying battle behemoths:

Combined with a somewhat frugal goal of £6,000, Project Nimbus offers backers a potentially strong contender in an underutilised niche of gaming. The game is expected to be delivered by July this year, and with the goal already reached you’re welcome to do nothing but wait for the inevitable reviews. If the remaining stretch goals – such as  an extended story campaign – seem enticing, consider giving it a look.

Source: Kickstarter