No Man’s Sky won’t be delayed by office flood

Classic British sogginess.
Classic British sogginess.

Remember the only good thing to come out of last year’s VGX award ceremony? That’s right, the debut trailer for the open-world space adventure called No Man’s Sky. Well, unfortunately, the developers of the game, Hello Games, had a bit of a rough festive period with their entire office in Guildford, England flooding on Christmas Eve. Despite losing almost all of their equipment and furniture, managing director Sean Murray reported via the company’s blog that the exciting new game will not be delayed and that the developers have already picked themselves up and gone straight back to work.

After explaining how the developers lost all of their “PCs, laptops, equipment, furniture, dev-kits, [and] work in the blink of an eye”, Murray was quick to reassure fans that work on the game is still going strong.

“Everyone assembled over Christmas and we’ve been working super hard since. Right now we have set ourselves up at a new temporary (cramped!) location. Some of us are working from home. We’ve filled a couple of dumpsters with our old stuff, and built ourselves a make-shift post-apocalyptic set of workstations – but we’re back, full speed!”

No Man’s Sky does not currently have a scheduled release date – at least not a public one – so a delay would have likely gone unnoticed anyway. Nevertheless, Murray’s quickness to confirm the team’s dedication and determination to produce the game can only be seen as encouraging for those interested in the title.

“At times recently I’ve wanted to be depressed, to wallow, but it’s impossible surrounded by this team. They are literally unstoppable. If we’ve lost some work, we’ll make up the time. We’ll steal dev-kits. We’ll work on a boat. Whatever it takes (not actual stealing… maybe :)”

Continuing their run of bad luck, Hello Games also recently announced that their insurance company would not be covering the cost of the damages they sustained due to the flood. Apparently the offices were located in a “flood risk zone” and, as a result, could not be insured for flooding (makes you wonder why you’re paying your premium). Hello Games was unwilling to state the value of all that was lost – including sentimental value as Murray lost his entire personal console collection – but did mention that it would have been more than enough to fund a small game.

Regardless of all the challenges facing Hello Games in the coming months, the response from gamers and members of the gaming industry has been remarkable with hundreds of encouraging messages being sent to the developers on Twitter and on their website. There has even been a significant call for the company to start a Kickstarter Campaign, but Murray responded by saying that it was not “the right thing for No Man’s Sky right now”.

If you do want to help out the developers, you can buy one of their Joe Danger games on their website. The games are really good, and you will be gaming for a good cause.

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