Outerlands TV series to chronicle gamer culture


AREA 5, a video production company specialising in video game media, have launched a Kickstarter to produce a six-part TV series on video game culture and the culturati who preserve it called Outerlands.

Trailer and more details after the break.

Probably best known for I Am Street Fighter (a documentary commemorating the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter), AREA 5 says Outerlands will cover a a large range of topics (see below) including speedrunning, abandonware, design documentation, the rise of Let’s Plays, and other cultural phenomenons within the medium. They’ll be working with top gaming talents like Jim Guthrie and Phil Fish of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and Fez fame respectively to produce the music and art of the series, with the general style of the production set to follow the likes A Life Well Wasted and Indie Game: The Movie.


Recent years have seen increased documentation of everything from the development and design process to covering the competitive gaming scene. Game companies have been notoriously bad at archiving and maintaining historical records of their products, while the move to digital distribution, streaming and online gaming means there are potentially huge swathes of our hobby in danger of being forgotten in later years – an issue AREA 5 is hoping to address.

Stretch goals include extra episodes and other international trips to cover gaming in other parts of the world.

You can see their Kickstarter here.