Dead Rising 3 players hit with gigantic mandatory patch


Dead Rising 3, despite its framerate issues and gameplay bugs on launch, has been a hit with Xbox One players who were eager to cram in some more zombie slaughter. The game series has been well-received thanks to its over-the-top violence and crazy get-ups and it’s one of the main reasons why I’d recommend anyone trying out something from the Xbox camp. Although now I’d also have something else that I’d recommend to any gamer, especially if they’re on a PS4 or Xbox One – an uncapped internet connection, because Dead Rising 3 recently saw a massive 13GB patch, with more bits and bytes from Capcom on the way.

The news was first picked up by NeoGAF forum members over the weekend and referenced Xbox Live Studio Manager Mike Ybarra’s Tweet about the update that was waiting for him when he popped in the Dead Rising 3 disc.

Mike Ybarra Xbone Dr3 update

To put that into perspective, Dead Rising 3’s default install on the Xbox One typically eats up about 20GB of free hard drive space. The 13GB patch, at least according to NeoGAF forum members, increases that to an average of 23GB, suggesting that a great deal of the game’s assets have been updated. There’s no official patch list and this is also a build-up from the patch that users received from last year, which weighed in at 5GB.

Nobody outside Microsoft or Capcom have revealed the reason for the large patch, but this could be preparing for some upcoming DLC for the game. It could turn out that Microsoft’s handling of DLC is similar to Criterion’s Burnout Paradise strategy – pre-install the DLC to your system, but hide it behind a paywall to block access to it.

In reality, though, this is a mandatory install for all users who want to play the game online and there’s no way around it – the game actually kicks you out of the middle of a play session to update and you can’t do anything else with it while you wait. Even for anyone not buying the DLC, or anyone who didn’t get the season pass, or anyone with a 50GB data cap, this install will happen regardless, unless you remove it from your Xbox One.

Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition - because Polyphony  knows that you have crappy internet, Sony had crappy update mechanisms and they like having more money. Win-win?
Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition – because Polyphony knows that you have crappy internet, Sony had crappy update mechanisms and they both like having more money. Win-win?

There’s also the question of whether Dead Rising 3 fans will double-dip like GT5 fans who bought the Academy Edition just because the amount of updates left online was ridiculous for anyone who had never updated their game (and I was one of those people). Because the funny thing is that, with the PS4 and Xbox One (and, to be fair, any game on the older console generation as well) if you re-install a game to your console, usually you have to apply all the updates available online before you can play the game online.

So, if you figure that some of the new DLC on Dead Rising 3 might be hot, be prepared to wait a very long time, especially if you’re still on a 2MB or 4MB ADSL line. For those of you with 4MB or 10MB lines, make sure your consoles are set to download game updates and patches while in standby mode, so that they’ll be completed while you sleep at night.

Source: NeoGAF, The Escapist

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