Candy Crush developer King moves to trademark “Candy”


In what will be used as further evidence of just how diabolical everything associated with Candy Crush Saga is, the digital crack game’s developer, King, has moved to trademark the word “candy”. Please hold your hysterics and facepalming.

Filed in February last year, the application was approved on 15 January 2014. The trademark is currently up for review by an assigned attorney, and if given final approval, will grant King ownership of the word “candy” no matter how it is stylised, what font it uses, colour etc. The trademark will be applicable for virtually everything, meaning that any other game that uses the word “candy” in its name will be in trouble unless they can prove that their game is completely different to Candy Crush Saga. Furthermore, the trademark applies to all manner of educational software, amusement parks and clothing, including bath robes, swimming costumes, socks, skirts… pretty much everything.

It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than this, so here’s hoping the assigned attorney reviewing this has two brain cells to rub together. Then, said person will laugh maniacally as they put a big red line through the application and reach for their rubber stamp marked “DENIED”.

Confession time: have any of you played this game? I haven’t gone near it simply because my wife moans about it all the time. She’s pretty far gone as far as Candy Crush addiction is concerned, but she hasn’t spent a cent on the game at all and has reached some ridiculously high level. Having zero knowledge of this game, I’m not sure whether that is good, bad or terrifying.

Source: Gamezbo
Via: Polygon