Guild Wars 2: Origins of Madness


Happy patch day! The Living World -is back in action after a six-week break, kicking off the four-episode finale of the Scarlet arc with Origins of Madness. You can catch up with what has happened so far with this recap, check out the patch notes here, and watch the release trailer.

The key points to this update include:

  • An exciting fight against a giant Twisted Marionette in Lornar’s Pass, yet another of Scarlet’s creations.
  • A new Great Jungle Wurm in Bloodtide Coast, aimed at the truely hardcore players.
  • New wurm-themed rifle skin, ring, amulet, and armours.

Both the Origins of Madness and the new permanent Triple Trouble meta for the Jungle Wurm have rewards for those who complete them. Origins of Madness yields a sprocket generator for your home instance, while Triple Trouble has the “Great Jungle Wurm Slayer” title up for grabs. There are new minis to collect, some user interface tweaks, various profession fixes, and Deposit All Collectibles will no longer deposit your miniatures.

The patch size is about 438MB. See you in Tyria!