The Last of Us: Left Behind opening cinematic revealed


Upcoming DLC for Naughty Dog’s undeniably brilliant The Last of Us is a mere three weeks away. The helping of single-player content is called “Left Behind” and sees players taking on the role of Ellie for the duration of the extra gameplay. To be more specific, the content will focus on the relationship between Ellie and her childhood (if Ellie even has a childhood) friend Riley – a relationship that comes up later in the main game’s storyline. That obviously means we’ll be heading into this DLC with a fair bit of morbid foreshadowing.

In preparation for the game’s 14 February release (because nothing says love and Valentine’s Day like apocalyptic viruses and Clickers!) Naughty Dog and Sony have released the DLC’s opening cinematic. There aren’t any spoilers to be afraid of so don’t panic. It does, however, set the tone really nicely and highlight just how strained Ellie and Riley’s relationship is.

In addition to the opening cinematic, there’s a neat little developer diary that features Ellie’s voice actress (Ashely Johnson) and Riley’s voice actress (Yaani King). The dev diary extrapolates the main themes of the DLC and highlights the emphasis on exploration. New combat elements have been added and you’ll now be able to herd infected towards human enemies, thereby getting each faction to finish each other off. Videos after the jump.

Via: PlayStation Blog