SA’s Neil Blomkamp set to direct Halo TV pilot?


A good seven years ago, South African film director Neil Blomkamp was picked to direct a Halo movie. That movie got stuck in production hell for years and years until it was eventually canned. That was a major pity because Peter Jackson was pegged to produce the film alongside Blomkamp’s directing. The Halo movie probably would have been awesome.

Prior to that, Blomkamp produced a series of online short films to promote Halo 3 – that series was collectively called “Landfall”. After the Halo movie was canned, Blomkamp went on to write and direct sci-fi films like District 9 and the more recent Elysium.

When the Xbox One was unveiled, Microsoft pulled Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg up on stage to tell the world that he was going to be producing a Halo TV series that would air exclusively via Xbox LIVE for the Xbox One. This was part of Microsoft’s push to promote the new console as a TV revolutionising device.

It now turns out that Blomkamp is back on board to direct the pilot episode of Spielberg’s Halo TV series. That’s if website Latino Review is to be believed. They are claiming that “trusted sources” have informed them of Blomkamp’s involvement. If that’s true, then it’s great news indeed because the Landfall series of Halo short were excellent. You can see them below.

Source: Latino News
Via: Polygon