NAG Magazine: February 2014 issue

February? Really? It feels like just yesterday that it totally wasn’t February. Which, given that it’s still January as I type this, makes a ton of sense.

Incoherence aside, 2014 is officially here to stay, even though writing 2014 in place of 2013 still feels a bit… out of place. In celebration of the difficulties we’re experiencing wrapping our heads around futuristic numbers, we’ve gone and made a February issue of NAG, just for you. And you. And even you! BUT NOT YOU. Because yuck.

Aaaanyway, plants fending off waves of inconsiderately hungry zombies is still something with which we’re utterly infatuated, and as proof, we’ve gone and given Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare our cover. There’s a lot less 2D in there! Seems it’s been replaced with all this new-fangled 3D shootenating that’s got the kids in an uproar these days. Get off my lawn, zombie child! Seriously though, what a charming mix of Battlefield meets tower defense meets OMG isn’t that adorable look at its little sunflower face and I know that zombie’s kind of a dick but I just wanna hug it all over. Honestly, we love the idea, and we’ll happily tell you why within our February pages.

How’s about that PlayStation 4 ‘ey? We hear there aren’t a whole lot of games for it at the moment, despite it being all shiny and new and stuff. Still, there’s a decent number of ports of previous-gen games available for it, which have all been updated and pretty-fied and whatnot to take advantage of Sony’s new console’s shiny new tech. We’ve gone and rounded up a bunch of them to put them to the test and see if they’re worth the upgrade.

This month, our reviews section hoovers up all kinds of delicious morsels. Knack, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Resogun all march to the PS4-exclusive drum. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is Zelda done different. Tearaway is adorably unique no matter which way you tilt your head to gawk at it. There are cars in Gran Turismo 6. Like, a lot of cars. And Rocksmith 2014 is still desperately trying to teach our fingers to stop being all useless and uncoordinated and stuff.

Elsewhere, previews go maximum indie with inspections of Terraria-like sci-fi craft-’em-up platformer-like Starbound and Binding of Isaac-like roguelike-like shoot-’em-up Nuclear Throne like. Wow, that was tougher than you’d think.

Hardware! Boy, do we have it. We take a look at the differences between on-board and discrete audio solutions. We marvel at PC cases that go full symbiote with other PC cases. GPUs wow us and notebooks that we thought might’ve been sleeper agents turn out to just be notebooks. Headphones! Monitors! Other stuff! It’s all in there.

All this and more is nestled within those juicy pages. Below you’ll spot that enticingly adorable cover, as well as the full contents page. If you’d rather go full digital, check out all of Zinio’s digital-ness.

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