Source 2 leak reveals sneak peak at engine detail

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Here we go, here we go. A brand new set of slides shown to game developers at Steam Dev Days may have been leaked to the internet courtesy of CBOAT, a well-known NeoGAF member who leaked a lot of details about developmental issues on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 months before either console’s launch. The leak shows off a single image of a popular level in Left 4 Dead 2 being remade in the Source 2 engine and it looks spectacular.

The screenshot shows the name of a PowerPoint presentation that CBOAT has in his possession and that the language has been set to German – possibly an indication of where the famous leaker lives or a false clue to throw off anyone trying to find him. In total, it contains 20 slides talking about the improvements to Source 2 as well as highlighting a few features that might get developers interested in it, such as better tools for authoring content and to manage art assets in the game.

Of course, there is no Half-Life 3 anywhere and that’s what would get most tongues wagging about the engine. The reality is, though, that Valve is probably still slowly hammering away at it until they’re content with it and confident that it’ll make them some money on release. Admittedly, at this point I’d much rather look forward to a new Team Fortress, Portal 3 and even Left 4 Dead 3, because none of these games need to live up to the insane levels of hype attributed to the Half-Life series.

Valve will count to three, eventually.


 The lightng in particular looks very good and there’s a lot of finer detail in the image preview. It appears that Valve will be adding Global Illumination into their engine as there is clearly a single light source off-screen to the left, casting shadows where you’d expect them and creating and overall more natural look. The foliage is denser and textures are very high quality. Its easy to dismiss this as a bullshot but as a first glimpse of what a Source 2-based game might look like, it is really pretty.


Valvetime managed to get a copy of one of the pictures inside the presentation and re-posted a second shot of the mansion in the Plantation level from a different angle. Here there is more evidence supporting the idea that Valve’s engine uses global illumination for its lighting requirements and there is a lot of fine detail in the shadows.


It is also common for game developers to use existing assets from a previous project to make sure that their engine works properly. Compared to similar screens from Left 4 Dead 2, there have been a lot of changes made to how the mansion looks and it remains spooky and gloomy – a complete opposite of the new screenshots, which show something rather surreal and beautiful.

Valve is not responding to questions about the accuracy of the leaks and probably won’t say much right up until the launch of a Left 4 Dead sequel. In the meantime, don’t get your hopes up for Half-Life 3 this year – it probably isn’t going to happen.

Sources: NeoGAF, Valvetime

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