Watch this: inFamous: Second Son dev diary


Sucker Punch’s inFamous series was one of the new IPs of the previous generation that made a lasting impression on PlayStation gamers. The mix of open world, super hero powers, and a morality system struck the right chords at the right time, and as a result the upcoming inFamous: Second Son on PlayStation 4 is probably one of the platform’s most anticipated titles.

The game is still a good seven weeks away (it’s out worldwide on 21 March), but it’s been some time since we’ve had any new gameplay footage or word from the development team. That changes today, with the release of a developer diary that focuses on capturing one of the most important features of the game’s setting of Seattle: the rain.

It sounds rather mundane, but the attention to detail that Sucker Punch is cramming into its weather effects is pretty impressive. The buildings will even get wet and show streaks of water on their walls when it rains. Add to that the bright and colourful lighting that we’ve already seen in previous trailers, and it makes for a gorgeous gaming environment. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

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