Elder Scrolls Online won’t need PlayStation Plus


Upcoming MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online will not require a PlayStation Plus account in order to play on PlayStation 4. With the release of the PlayStation 4, Sony has made it a requirement to have a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to access online multiplayer. The Elder Scrolls Online will be different, and it will be completely playable without PlayStation Plus.

On the other side of the console divide, players choosing to pick up the game on Xbox One will still need to pay for an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription in order to play the game. This discrepancy between the two consoles may seem odd, but as Shacknews points out, the reason The Elder Scrolls Online is even coming to the new generation of consoles is because Sony pushed the idea with Bethesda; you can learn all about that in a video over on Game Informer.

So it looks like the Xbox One is the most expensive platform on which to play The Elder Scrolls Online. Of course, all platforms (including the PC) are still subjected to the $15 monthly subscription in order to access the MMORPG, but that’ll probably be the case for the first six months before Bethesda realises how archaic this approach is, and the game goes free-to-play.

In related news, an Amazon.com listing and image has outed a collector’s edition of the game. Dubbed The Elder Scrolls Online – Imperial Edition, the special edition will come with a special box and Steelbook case; a map of Tamriel that shows alliance-controlled zones; a 224 page guide to Tamriel; and a 12 inch statue of the Daedric Prince of enslavement, Molag Bal. In addition to the physical extras, the special edition comes with a Mudcrab pet; a white Imperial horse; Rings of Mara; and the ability to play as an Imperial in any alliance.


As this collector’s edition was leaked, there’s no pricing available as yet. It’s likely we’ll get this edition here in South Africa considering we’ve received all other Elder Scrolls collector’s editions in the past.

Sources: PlayStation Blog; Polygon; Game Informer
Via: Shacknews

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