Playstation Plus subs triple thanks to PS4 launch

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At CES 2013, Sony made some incredible announcements and one of them was that your Playstation Plus subscription and PSN account would work on the then-upcoming Playstation 4, giving gamers a little incentive to keep up their subscriptions to receive the same benefits they’ve been getting for years with free games, early access to demos and a lot of discounts to put money back in your pocket. Sony also announced that Playstation 4 would require PS Plus to play online, just like Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service.

We’ve reported previously that Sony shipped over four million PS4’s during the holiday season but the company did not mention at the time what that did to their PS Plus numbers. The company has now revealed that not only has PS Plus tripled in size, it continues to climb higher.

At the PS Vita Slim reveal in the UK this past week, Sony UK boss Fergal Gara told members of the press that following the PS4 launch, PS Plus memberships began to climb higher. Gara noted that this was a side-effect of the multiplayer requirement for the PS4 but downplayed this with a mention of the value it gives to gamers – specifically, free games on the PS3, PS Vita and now the PS4.

Fergal Gara at the PS Vita Slim UK launch.
Fergal Gara at the PS Vita Slim UK launch.

Its not known at this point what region the graph targets, however. It is very likely that the graphs Gara displayed were specifically for the UK, as Sony has been flatlining in support in that region for a long time – it was previously Microsoft territory before the PS4 launch. The slowly rising trend may indicate that most new PS Plus subscribers before the PS4 launch were either added in through word of mouth, or were existing subscribers that had renewed their subscription for a year or more in advance.

For anyone not on the PS Plus subscription yet, especially if you have uncapped ADSL, go buy it now! You get access to a lot of incredible games on the Playstation platform and through the online web browser you can still redeem the free games that you would have also received on the PS Vita and PS4, if you’re one of the many unfortunate mortals to not own one today. PS3 continues to be a very good value buy and there’s a lot of life left in it yet through PS Plus, PS Now and a range of games coming for it in 2014, one of which is Dark Souls 2.

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