Guild Wars 2: The Edge of the Mists released


It’s Patch Tuesday and that means, a new Guild Wars 2 Living World update. This patch brings an entirely new map, the Edge of the Mists, that acts as a lobby for World vs World. If the map fills up, overflows will be created, so nobody has to wait in a queue anymore.

The WvW queue itself has been overhauled to smooth things out, and the Living Story heads into the Edge of the Mists as you help Taimi and others with their investigations into Scarlet’s actions. Other additions include Valentines-themed Lovestruck Weapons, a cute Quaggan Finisher on the Gem Store, and a host of fixes.

You can see the release page for Edge of the Mists here, and read the patch notes here. The patch weighs in at 327MB.